We Lead, Markets Follow


We Lead, Markets Follow.

Contact: this page for contact information.

Availability: you will need to contact us about our availability for any of the products mentioned below this unless we stated otherwise

Hedge Fund Council

Had you consulted with us in the past, this is just one opportunity that we would have recommended. After less than 3 years, the return has been spectacular.

You must do the appropriate legal due diligence before contacting us. If you are a hedge fund seeking our view point on a crypto-token, you can get in touch with us and we’ll review the token. We have strong expertise in finance, technology and economics. Our assessment of the token is exclusively from our own viewpoint. We have been the most accurate site on the topic of crypto-tokens, so this offer may not be good indefinitely. If you see it posted on this page, it’s offered.

Cost: $10,000

If you want to hire us as regular council, you can get in touch and we may offer another arrangement.

Security Audit

For individuals with a net worth exceeding $10 million ($5 million must be in digital net worth), we will audit your digital security practices and make recommendations based on the weaknesses we find. You are required to take the course The Millionaire Guide To Digital Security, as those are basic security practices – but they are not enough for people with significant wealth.

Cost: $5,000

Speaking Events

Not Currently Available

If you would like us to speak at your finance or economic event, you can get in touch and we’ll discuss the topics.

Cost: $7,500

High Net Worth Readers

Not Currently Available

Direct consulting. Depending on your country of citizenship, you can get in touch for direct one-on-one consulting. This will cover money principals, our trading philosophy, and industries of interest. This is not always available, so you will have to contact to find out if we’re currently offering this, due to schedules.

Cost: $1,000

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