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Retire Early With Cryptocurrencies

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In early 2016, I published the top cryptocurrency course of 2016 on SkillShare, Retire Early With Cryptocurrencies, which featured financial, economic and technical information about a variety of cryptocurrencies through engaging students in a subscriber content model. The results for the first year made it the top cryptocurrency course of 2016.

In the first ten months of this course, one of the tokens I mentioned early has seen a return exceeding 2,200%, which is greater than the S&P 500 has returned in the last 30 years. That video only covered one crypto-token; we have covered numerous other good ideas in the course’s history.

Questions Answered

Some of the questions answered in the course:

  1. Why should I know about bitcoin now?
  2. Will bitcoin rise to $10,000 eventually?
  3. How can I earn passive income with bitcoin?
  4. What’s the biggest opportunity in bitcoin that everyone is missing?
  5. Is it possible to be location independent with cryptocurrencies?
  6. Has it been possible to retire early with bitcoin and other crypto-projects?

Also, this course features limited-time only content, which has produced results exceeding 1000% in several cases.

First Year Course Results

Using two random examples from the subscriber content in the first year, if Bob had purchased $10,000 of each of these examples in the manner the teacher mentioned, in less than one year, Bob would have over $275,150. In addition, while the cryptosphere has negatively impacted most investors, every idea mentioned in this course, in the first year of this course, has eventually been profitable for investors, in the manner the teacher mentioned.

Praise For Courses From Students

This is one of the best investments I have ever made with my time. There is a lot I have learned. I like that Tim teaches you about more than just crypto, he teaches about the mindset you need to have. I would for sure recommend this class to my friends and family. ~ David Gomez

Incredible tutorials and advice. Even if you don’t have all the required, the information and content is worth much more than you pay for. ~ Severo Deleon

I’ve been following Digital currencies since 2012. I was expecting Tim’s course to be a bunch of other peoples ideas packaged into a course. Instead, Tim’s content is really unique. No one else is saying these things. ~ Kevin Schmit

Premium Student Bonus

Premium students in the course get unlimited access to all other premium courses, which currently exceeds over 15,000 courses on the platform. For courses from FinTekNeeks, the below are the courses you will have unlimited access to:

  1. Retire Early With Cryptocurrencies
  2. The Millionaire Guide To Digital Security
  3. The Millionaire Guide To Hedging Bitcoin

But $8 A Month Is Too Much! (SkillShare)

I offer other options, such as direct through LBRY or Udemy, so you can consider those. In general, Skillshare offers a subscription model, which if you sign up for the year results in a cost of $8 per month and gives you unlimited access to all premium courses, and there are 15,000 premium courses. If you can’t spend $8 per month on increasing your knowledge and improving your mind, both the course and this site are not for you. I spend much more than that a month on my mind and body, as these offer you two of the best tools you’ll ever use. In addition, in the first year of the course, students could have easily made that back and this course is better than any finance, economic, or cryptocurrency course that exists anywhere in a United States’ college when measured by results. Also, by comparison, this course costs a fraction of most college classes.

Piracy Warning

If I discover any content is pirated, I will terminate the course immediately and you will not be refunded. In addition, SkillShare requires that all students are required to submit their information, which will be turned over to the appropriate authorities for investigation purposes, if piracy is found.

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