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The Millionaire Guide To Digital Security

This course should be a prerequisite for anyone with any digital money, as all digital money can be hacked. From Dollars to Bitcoin, nothing digital is safe. Remember: a 100% return on your investment is really a 0% return on your investment if you’re hacked.

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Why Security Matters

Sarah couldn’t believe it. Seven months ago, she started an account at Poloniex with the equivalent of $220 in crypto-tokens and now her account showed $2,742 worth of crypto-tokens. She immediately saw opportunity in the cryptosphere and wanted to put more of her money into it – where would she have been if she had started with $2,000 or $10,000? She could feel the growth and wanted more of it.

She moved $5,000 in Bitcoin and Ether to Poloniex and began trading. She could already feel her project rising on graphs to the point where she would have millions.

Two days later, her account was hacked and she had nothing. She lost over $7,000 and completely lost on the future potential of the projects she invested. In addition, she feared testing any project again – what if she lost more money? Suddenly, she felt nauseated: she could no longer participate in a growing industry and the growing industry had cost her everything.

This is the future reality for many people in the cryptosphere: they will lose a significant amount of money due to security compromises since most people overestimate their technical and security ability. Even though I teach security, have written about security for publications, and am good friends with security experts, I still review courses about digital security – I never overestimate my ability. People are the opposite; they think a strong password is good enough (it’s not); they think 2 factor authentication will keep them safe (it won’t); they think their anti-virus will protect them (it won’t). Many people will log into their account someday and see $0, or won’t be able to login at all.

What you see in the above image – someone having their Dash stolen – will happen to many people. Sarah’s story above this is based on a true story too and these stories are only the beginning. Digital money carries significant risks and if someone is unwilling to learn about these risks or learn techniques to reduce these risks so that they are prepared, then they are asking for a painful lesson in their future. What excites hackers the most is that I have 7 multiples more students in Retire Early With Cryptocurrencies than The Millionaire Guide To Digital Security, even though these are both premium courses and students have access to both without additional costs.

Questions Answered

Some of the questions answered in the course:

  1. Why does a 500% return mean nothing?
  2. What are some basic steps a non-technical person can do to improve his security?
  3. Are strong passwords enough?
  4. Is 2 factor authentication enough?
  5. What is the biggest mistake most people are making every day with their security?
  6. How should I think about security?

In addition, this course features limited-time only content for students, which features content that updates as I learn new techniques and information about security.

The Tale of Two Millionaires

Jared and David have both made millions in the cryptosphere. Since Jack uses good security, Jack keeps his millions and makes more. David never cared to learn about security, and loses over half of his stash in a few hacks. In addition, after losing crypto-tokens in a hack, he loses faith in the industry and exits, losing potential on future projects.

This is the future; many people in the cryptosphere will over-estimate their ability and lose. You can be the wise millionaire who remains disciplined and diligent to protect what you’ve built, or you can be the foolish millionaire who thinks you know enough and watch your wealth be stolen.

Praise For Courses From Students

This is one of the best investments I have ever made with my time. There is a lot I have learned. I like that Tim teaches you about more than just crypto, he teaches about the mindset you need to have. I would for sure recommend this class to my friends and family. ~ David Gomez

Incredible tutorials and advice. Even if you don’t have all the required, the information and content is worth much more than you pay for. ~ Severo Deleon

I’ve been following Digital currencies since 2012. I was expecting Tim’s course to be a bunch of other peoples ideas packaged into a course. Instead, Tim’s content is really unique. No one else is saying these things. ~ Kevin Schmit

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But $8 A Month Is Too Much! (Basic Courses)

In general, Skillshare offers a subscription model, which if you sign up for the year results in a cost of $8 per month and gives you unlimited access to all premium courses, and there are 17,000 premium courses according to SkillShare. If you can’t spend $8 per month on increasing your knowledge and improving your mind, both the course and this site are not for you. In addition, a course like this may or another premium course on the platform may prevent you from being like this guy!

Advanced Course

The advanced course follows our piracy model: continued content is produced on the basis of how many people enroll in the course. If you pirate or plagiarize our content, you guarantee that others won’t enroll in our course and we’ll discontinue producing content, increase the cost you paid. If you remain honest, it’s possible that you get a strong return on your money.

Piracy and Plagiarism Warning

We do not produce content for free. If we discover piracy or plagiarism of any of our content, we will suspend it immediately without refund. In addition, when you enroll in this course, you are only purchasing only the basic class content. If further students join this course, we will continue producing more material, but only if more students join. We will take monthly snapshots of the student count and produce limited-time only content at a rate based on new enrollments. This means that as new students enroll in the course, new content will appear over the next few months. If you pirate our content, you guarantee that no further student will enroll, which hurts your own investment. If you don’t pirate our content, you increase the probability that other students will enroll. If you recommend this course and avoid piracy, it’s possible that you may end up receiving a strong return on your investment.

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