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The Millionaire Guide To Hedging

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Investors Caught Off Guard

Investors piled into the NASDAQ, as the index roared to record numbers with positive and growing outcomes. David evaluated a few techniques from the course and began using one of the techniques from this course immediately. Later a decline came, and wiped out 30-40% of most investors. While many investors were caught off guard off the decline, David saw huge gains in a short period of time in contrast to his colleagues 30-40% losses. David then re-evaluated the situation and strengthen his portfolio using another technique from this course. In practice, some examples of returns from techniques used by learners from this material:

  • Technique 2: Jessica saw a 400% return in less than 1 month on a hedge.
  • Technique 7: Andrew created a 200% a year hedge to protect his principal.
  • Technique 9: Bob hedged one high risk position, returning 4,000%.


Market participants tend to overestimate their ability to predict and understand the future. For this reason, they are constantly caught off guard. 2008-2009 bubble showed us an example of this, as did the 2000-2001 bubble. This also holds true for employment: people tend to be unprepared for periods of employment, as they don’t look at the picture accurately. This course demonstrates accurate ways to assess markets, from stock to commodities to employment.

For many people, most hedges take too much work to make them worth it. This course covers different techniques that range in their nature for different audiences. No one needs to be an expert to take this course. Some material learners will be able to use, while other material will be unimportant and uninteresting.

Questions Answered

Some of the questions answered in the course and in the monthly limited-time only content:

  1. What are the four basic strategies of hedging?
  2. Do I need to know options to hedge?
  3. What separates a good hedge from a bad hedge?

Also, the advanced course features limited-time only content depending on enrollees and features updates to current content, which makes it a superior deal considering its price to any college class. In college, if you learn material that becomes outdated, you still had to pay.

Praise For Courses From Students

This is one of the best investments I have ever made with my time. There is a lot I have learned. I like that Tim teaches you about more than just crypto, he teaches about the mindset you need to have. I would for sure recommend this class to my friends and family. ~ David Gomez

Incredible tutorials and advice. Even if you don’t have all the required, the information and content is worth much more than you pay for. ~ Severo Deleon

I’ve been following Digital currencies since 2012. I was expecting Tim’s course to be a bunch of other peoples ideas packaged into a course. Instead, Tim’s content is really unique. No one else is saying these things. ~ Kevin Schmit

Premium Student Bonus On Basic Courses

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  1. The Millionaire Guide To Digital Security
  2. The Millionaire Guide To Hedging

But $8 A Month Is Too Much! (Basic Course)

In general, Skillshare offers a subscription model, which if you sign up for the year results in a cost of $8 per month and gives you unlimited access to all premium courses, and there are 17,000 premium courses according to SkillShare. If you can’t spend $8 per month on increasing your knowledge and improving your mind, both the course and this site are not for you.

Advanced Course

The advanced course follows our piracy model: continued content is produced on the basis of how many people enroll in the course. If you pirate or plagiarize our content, you guarantee that others won’t enroll in our course and we’ll discontinue producing content, increase the cost you paid. If you remain honest, it’s possible that you get a strong return on your money. In addition, any update to content is predicated on students not pirating or plagiarizing content. If either act is committed, content will not be updated. We do not produce material for free.

Piracy and Plagiarism Warning

We do not produce content for free. If we discover piracy or plagiarism of any of our content, we will suspend it immediately without refund. In addition, when you enroll in this course, you are only purchasing only the basic class content. If further students join this course, we will continue producing more material, but only if more students join. We will take monthly snapshots of the student count and produce limited-time only content at a rate based on new enrollments. This means that as new students enroll in the course, new content will appear over the next few months. If you pirate our content, you guarantee that no further student will enroll, which hurts your own investment. If you don’t pirate our content, you increase the probability that other students will enroll. If you recommend this course and avoid piracy, it’s possible that you may end up receiving a strong return on your investment.

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