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European Changes To Content

Posted in Cryptos Trading on July 8th, 2017


Two young men create a startup that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to cure cancer. Their solution costs $250 and cures every form of cancer that exists. A lobbyist for the healthcare industry, Du, discovers this startup and views this new technology as a threat to the $400 billion a year industry. In addition, the foundation for breast cancer, We Luvs Da’ Boobies, receives $20 billion a year in funding for breast cancer – a cure for cancer which costs $250 would kill the entire foundation and its purpose. The foundation wants to emphasize a cure to attract funding, but actually cure breast cancer – how will it get more money after that? Between the foundation and the lobbyist, the two young men are threatened and their idea is terminated.

Lobbyists and foundations protect their interests and they protect their people and industry; they are not evil or bad. They are necessary parts of some systems and they fit perfectly in a Keynesian economic system. Plus, in the case of the foundations, people – on their own accord – give money to the foundation, so these same people can’t complain if the foundation doesn’t want a cure for cancer – how would the foundation survive anyway?

Sorry Philip, This Is Only the Beginning

Media require a lobby and foundations and as they’ve struggled, both have created pressure against “indie” media. This is only the beginning.

What Philip understands is how this will be used in the future, but what he misses in the above video is the why this is happening and why it won’t stop. This is only the beginning for all indie media; it will start on social media, then spread to everything.

In the case of trading or cryptos, “hate speech” will be interpreted later to be anything that’s offensive, such as “natural gas might be a better buy than solar energy.” Hate speech – that’s discriminating against solar energy! Or, “ETC appears cheaper than LBC at the moment” – hate speech! That discriminates against LBC! It’s not because either statements do – that’s not the point. These laws exist so that any “threat” like the above story can be quickly destroyed without question. In other words, the law is only applied in “some” circumstances. In addition, the inherent nature of blogging sites is done wrong anyway – for instance, people can stumble across news that is a year old and completely outdated, given how many things change. While no blogging platform features time-limits, the only accurate way to blog is to limit posts on time when it involves trading – no “value trade” is open forever. But with these laws, and old article could be interpreted as hate speech.

In a sense, all news on platforms like these are done completely wrong because of how many changes occur. This has never mattered, but with new laws against hate speech, they are wide open to be interpreted to anything that fits whatever foundations or lobbyists want to apply. Finally, updating all this information takes too much time to make writing about topics worth it. How much does one get paid for all this? For big media, this makes since. Indie media? No.

Again, if you read this European law, it’s wide open to interpretation and this is only the beginning. In the US, people are willingly requesting that the FCC regulate “fake news” – though this is also wide open to interpretation. The outcome of all of this will be disastrous, but it’s what the people want. People foolishly think this will give them a “quick victory” over the political opponents (it won’t). This will directly affect all sites that are fictional and intended as entertainment, like ours. It will also affect all small indie sites in the future.

What this means is that the categories of trading and crypto will be migrated to a newsletter. Since we like the “value approach” our view on markets will always be an unpopular view, which will probably be seen as “hate speech” in the future, as absurd as this sounds. But this is what people want, so we must respect the wishes of people who want to stop hate speech. In addition, some of our trading posts may features ideas, countries, or regions that are not politically popular in a moment – part of value trading – and given the political climate of hurting one’s opponents, these posts are appropriate anymore. This latter statement is just the time we live in – people are actually committing violence against people they disagree with. You can call behavior like this crazy, but that won’t stop it from happening.

Philip misunderstands the law in Europe and how it can be applied, and he misses this is coming in a larger form … everywhere. From the sound of these laws, they will eventually be applied to comments too – which is why ending comments makes sense.

Trading Newsletter

FinTekNeeks will have a trading newsletter in the future that covers value trading. The inherent nature of a newsletter that costs a significant amount does not compete with big media. In addition, we can take quick account for how much our time is worth and if it’s not worth much, we’ll immediately discontinue it. Finally, it solves the problems of time-based content and keeps lobbyists and foundations happy. As for indie media, Philip and I suspect that these changes will affect a significant amount of future content.

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