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FinTekNeeks “Play” Hedge Fund

The fictional FinTekNeeks play hedge fund.


This page was for fun only – this was a paper (not real) fund for entertainment and experimental purposes only. “Paper funds” are often used by beginning traders to test market theories – they do not exist to protect against loss. If you are a real hedge fund, we may be able to consult with you directly at a price. Recent changes to this are below.

A paper, play, and (or) theoretical index or hedge fund is not a real fund, but is one used on paper or theory for experimental and entertainment purposes, like testing a theory or playing a performance game against oneself.

Performance Comparison

2016 9.5% 10.6% 703% 184%
2017 6.6% 6.1% 1746% 203%

For fun, many traders will compare their moves to mainstream market indexes (MMI). This was just an entertaining benchmark.


The following was a play hedge fund for entertainment purposes only to see if we could beat the S&P 500 and some other baseline investments using a “paper” (or play) portfolio of crypto-tokens. We had added a 30 day minimum update delay before posting a move due to plagiarism prevention, though it may be much longer. In addition, to reward regular readers of this page, we may reveal a token in the private list for a day or two, then hide it again. This was just a reward for regular readers of this page. Details on our views about various crypto-tokens can be found:

  • In this course, we cover new ideas in the cryptosphere from time to time. Sometimes, we like the idea, sometimes we don’t like the idea, and sometimes we draw context around what was happening. This course has been a phenomenal bargain for students when I look at the limited-time content.
  • In this course, we cover our view about the trading range for bitcoin in 2017. The earlier people see this, the more strategies they’ll have in either direction, if they want to test on paper or on the real thing.

Do you run a hedge fund, or are a part of one? Do you live in a legal jurisdiction that has pro crypto-token policies? If you’re seeking people with skill in this industry, get in touch with us. We have been one of the most accurate sites in this industry.


BTC: Long.

  • (Leveraged) Short Bitcoin/Long Gold. Return 615%.
  • Short Bitcoin/Long Platinum x 4. Return 47%.
  • Short Bitcoin/Long Renminbi x 1. Return 34%.
  • Short Bitcoin/Long Private x 1. Return 92%.
  • Short Bitcoin/Long Private x 1. Return 111%.

DASH: Long. Realized 5%.

DGD: Hedge.

ETC: Long.

ETH: Long.

FCT: Long.

LBC: Long.

REP: Long.

Private x 17


DGD: Hedge.

WS: Hedge.

AMP: Short. Return 151%. Long. Sold Some.

BBR: Long. Sold Some.

BTC: Long. Sold Some.

DASH: Long. Unrealized.

ETC: Long. Sold Some.

REP: Long. Sold Some.

STEEM: Short x 2. Return 1,412%.

UNITY: Long. Sold Some.

XMR: Long. Sold Some.

ZEC: Short x 5. Return 12,210%.

Private x 12

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No Longer Updated

Due to workload, this page is no longer updated. If you would like to see updates here, you can contribute to FinTekNeeks and we may begin updating it again or if you are a hedge fund or a large investor in a positive jurisdiction toward crypto-tokens, you can get in touch with us directly.

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