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Our podcasts cover additional bonuses to our posts, our view of worldwide markets, and the cryptosphere. We may only offer podcasts for a limited-time, if we feel the content worth more than the current price listed. People new to our content should check out our past predictions to get a sample of our precision. Some of our podcasts now exclusively feature predictions – though these will only be available for a limited-time only.

Price: $5 each; exceptions listed.

Due to discovering piracy of our content twice, the price for all podcasts has tripled. If we discover further piracy, we will double the cost of all of our podcasts for every one instance of piracy found.

Currently, you can only get our podcasts by contacting us directly. We accept PayPal.

Podcast and Description

Episode 11 (no longer available). Steve and Tim expand on a few points in their posts for the week. In this podcast, they address the end of the US Dollar as the world reserve currency. They look at how to trade the record US debt levels and answer the question about a possible crisis in the cryptosphere, or a misconception by market participants. Finally, they throw in a bonus about a country.

Episode 10. Referencing the posts in the review for the week, Steve and Tim expand on a few of their posts this week. They evaluate a few major basket plays and discuss their views about whether StorJ is ripping off their users.

Episode 9 (no longer available). Referencing the posts in the review for the week (we skipped 8 to sync), Steve and Tim drop a few additional bonus’ for their weekly posts. They answer the question about whether two large banks are impacting a few markets and what this may mean for investors (major warning here too). Finally, Steve and Tim assess the value of Litecoin in their minds and Tim expands and when he would be a buyer of Litecoin.

Episode 8. Referencing the posts in the review for the week, Tim expands on a few key points related to the baseline article and Steve dives in deeper on buying when it’s high. They both discuss a few healthcare hacks and some expectations on future healthcare costs and opportunities. They also discuss the Gnosis ICO and a few thoughts on the project and wrap up with a bonus.

Episode 7. Steve and Tim discuss selling items and the pump-and-dump game while they share their views on the projects mentioned in the posts (review post for the week). They dig into the topic of Europe and markets and drop a few bonuses in the podcast and wrap it up with a discussion on bitcoin’s lightning network.

Episode 6. Steve and Tim review the topics of Russia and Twitter, highlighting a few points that people miss on both of these. In addition, they discuss gold and reasons for being short or long at the moment, given the war drums around the world. They wrap up the show briefly discussing the SegWit versus BitcoinUnlimited debate in bitcoin.

Episode 5. Why did a certain token jump over 800% in a day? We look at some possibilities and why one of these may be an ominous sign for bitcoin, so something we should know ahead of time. In addition to reviewing some posts for the week, we include a bonus idea in this podcast that might help you generate a seasonal $500-$1000 while having some fun learning.

Episode 4. In this podcast we look at recent news with StorJ and Ethereum, as well as looking at the possible outcomes with the bitcoin hardfork and thinking about them like the most famous investor, Nathan Rothschild, thought about challenges in his day. Let’s see a picture of the future so we know what to do.

Investment Outlook For 2017. See information in the post Investment Outlook For 2017. This is a special review of this webinar where we look at some of the instruments and cryptocurrencies we mentioned in the webinar, their results, and what we think about them currently. This special costs $150.

Episode 2. In this podcast, we look at the recent ruling by the Chinese government related to bitcoin, a dangerous trend we see in the bitcoin community, and a couple of alternatives to bitcoin if this trend continues.

Episode 1. In this podcast, we look at bitcoin’s recent moves, the Chinese Renminbi and the platform LBRY.

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