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Half Year Reviews

Posted in Money on June 28th, 2017

Summer time is here. Weather is seemingly getting hotter than usual in some regions. Garbage bins are even melting under the hot sun in Arizona. I hope most of you are enjoying nice weather and spending time to reflect. As we head into the summer season, you may notice less activity on our website. We too are looking to spend more time outside and it also gives us more time to reflect the half-year that have already passed. It is very important to spend time to reflect and also look ahead. Most think only about new year’s resolutions. But, it is also important to take the mid-point of the year and assess.

Short And Sweet

Americans are known to take less vacation time. But, it is important to take some time off. Other countries have longer mandatory holidays. While many companies take time off during the week from Christmas through New Year’s Day, most people in the US, especially in the service industry, do plan to work between the holidays. Other countries seem to have week-long holidays. Japan has their Golden Week. China and other Asian countries celebrate a week long Lunar New Year. I have even heard of France spending a month long holiday in August.

Here are some suggestions if one takes some time off during the summer days:

  • Learn a new hobby. This doesn’t have to be an expensive hobby, but one can spend some time learning to enjoy doing something new. Stand-Up paddleboarding was one hobby that I really enjoyed. It offers a relatively relaxing exercise on the water. Something about being on the water tends to relax me.
  • Read a new book. Unless one makes the effort to read, life takes over and this tends to be overlooked. Other distractions, like watching movies, Netflix, and television, overtakes in priority over reading. But, enjoying a new book may offer new perspectives and enrichment.
  • Review old goals and develop new goals. Aligned with one’s vision, one should continually to assess past goals. Evaluate any mistakes made. Celebrate successes achieved. See what works and what doesn’t. Understand roadblocks and what must be done to overcome them.
  • Learn a new skill online. My firm belief is that one should always be improving one’s skillsets. There are so many opportunities to learn online. It is not only programming, but other skills that can be learned for a fraction of the price and time compared to going to a traditional university.

Everyone, have a great summer! We will continue to post articles periodically during the summer. We hope you enjoy many summer days. For those readers in the Southern Hemisphere, please keep warm and enjoy a nice winter.

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