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Happy New Year In 2017

Posted in Money on January 1st, 2017

FinTekNeeks wishes you a Happy New Year in 2017 that is incredibly long, challenging and filled with actions that further your vision. Always do something incredibly difficult every day, so that times takes forever and each year turns into ten years (or more). Life is long and blessed only when you use your time wisely – don’t be a fool and take the easy path in life (Proverbs 1:22). Do hard things. Always.

From 2016 To 2017 In the Financial World

The market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies begins at $18 billion in 2017, which is much higher than the $4-5 billion earlier in 2016. We will be keeping our eye on how this progresses and know some exciting opportunities that currently exist and will exist in the future. On the mainstream side, we like some commodities, like we were bullish on sugar and natural gas in 2016 (both did very well). Gold is great at certain prices, just like gold and gold miners did fantastic in the first two quarters of this year. We’re also waiting for an investor squeeze (expected 2017-2018) to obtain more Russian positions; the currency, bonds, and stocks are super cheap still, but we have time before others must get flushed out. Oil is still recovering, agriculture is scoring higher like we expect, and some commodities that people have completely forgotten will make a comeback over the next few years.

Bitcoin Jumps Over $1000

For the second time in its history, bitcoin has jumped over $1000 using prices from OKCoin, BTCC and Coinbase. For TA/TT traders, watch the key points at $875, $925, $975, $1000 and $1050. Unlike fiat currencies, bitcoin is a deflationary store of value with a fixed supply of 21 million. On a related note about deflation, the most powerful central bank in the world, The Bank For International Settlements, recently wrote a paper which proved that deflation is positive for economies. Bitcoin agrees.

Failure Is Guaranteed …

… and by owning up to failure, we can grow. As a humorous note on the DAO, it was one of my private risks that I didn’t discuss on our public blogs, either AP, SteemIt or FTN. In mainstream investments, four companies I invested went bankrupt, yet I still ended up routing the S&P 500 this year. I can’t win every time, but I can still win overall. Only Alexander Suvorov could go unbeaten.

We Write With Precision

When you are right on the money about what will happen in the future with a cryptocurrency that everyone is hyping, yet no one understands. Some great times and memories in 2016.

We were right about bitcoin’s ending price for 2016.

We were right about SteemIt.

We were right about Synereo.

We were right about Zcash.

We were right about ZeroHedge’s fake bitcoin panic.

We were right about natural gas (original article on AP).

We were right and will continue to be right about health care being one of the best fields and investments (original article on AP in 2015).

We are right about Dash not being a threat to bitcoin and about opportunities with masternodes, provided Dash continues to innovate.

We are the top site in the cryptosphere; if you’re not reading our site or supporting it, you are taking a loss. Even if you don’t agree with our trades or ideas, you better read our view to know why you’re taking the opposite side of them; remember Solomon’s warning in Proverbs 9:8 – the wise grow wiser from reproof, fools don’t. No one in the mainstream media or cryptosphere has even come close to being as accurate as our site – and we haven’t been around nearly as long as media empires like the WSJ or NYT. Relative to how well we continue to do, we may choose to continue the site.

Best Trading Songs of the Year

Bitcoin is dead! Bitcoin is SO OVER!!!

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