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The Healthcare Labor Shortage Grows

Posted in Money on July 17th, 2017

The Problem Worsens

As I’ve warned in the last decade, the healthcare labor shortage continues to grow. The latest data show it growing even worse: we won’t be seeing the labor shortage in healthcare fixed anytime soon – fewer doctors, nurses, and specialties. We see this trend worldwide too, though some places have less of a problem. The problem has grown so bad in the United States that some states have been forced to lower standards for primary care. If the shortage grows worse, as I expect, they may be forced to lower standards further.

As a note, no solution being offered currently – or in the past – addresses the labor shortage. You can ignore everyone on this; no one realizes this growing shortage and over half the current students in medical labor don’t intend to remain in the United States, which means that American taxpayers are supporting students who will leave the country – talk about negative returns on investment! Is the United States the best country to be a doctor? No. Until this answer is yes, it will see its crop of doctors go to where they’re treated best – and can you blame them? The United States is the easiest country to sue a doctor.

The Shortage Will Continue To Grow

In addition to a shortage of doctors, nurses, and other medical workers, diseases are rapidly evolving against humanity, making our shortage dangerous. We’re seeing strains of HIV, Hepetitis and other viruses evolve rapidly and overcome newer medicine at a quicker rate. We should all remember that Mother Nature favors the strong; diseases are evolving much stronger than humans and it’s showing. If medicine can’t keep up with these diseases, we’ll see a day of reckoning. In a world where everyone wants to make passive income and trade, diseases will have a field day when no solution to their problem exists – humans will be millionaires dying of the most basic diseases.

The positive in all of this is that wages for medical doctors in some cases have drastically outpaced every other worker category; for instance, 5 of the top 10 paying jobs in the United States are all doctors. Some doctors are finally making more money than traders at Goldman Sachs – and expect this to continue even more as the shortage continues. For instance, I’ve met quite a few doctors who are making over $1-2 million a year – some even have entered the decamillion category! Eventually, all the top paying positions in the United States will be in medicine due to this growing shortage.

Money Without Character Is Fraud

You can try to trick reality and it will never work. Money either represents reality or money is fraud. Reality only respects character – that’s it. The rules reality plays by only involve character. This shortage of medical care workers and the evolution of disease show that reality will never be tricked. Healthcare prices will continue to grow and eventually families in the United States will be paying over $100,000+ a year for a family plan within a decade. The only hedge is entering the healthcare field; if you’re 18 or younger, take note. Other solutions, like investing, will no longer work, as an investment can never offset a labor shortage.

When you ponder this, you realize, medical school is easy compared to the reality that some are about to face. You cannot avoid or run away from problems – they only get bigger in the end. Face the problem and see a better reality, or live the consequences of escapism.

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