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Investment Outlook Webinar 2018

Posted in Money on October 16th, 2017

At the end of January 2018, we will be hosting the FinTekNeeks 2018 Investment Outlook Webinar, covering opportunities and answering questions for a few attendees. Like 2017, we will only allow a few participants, so we’re opening registration now for the webinar. We generally offer a bonus, or allow people to take advantage of a bonus, so this limits how many bonuses we give out.


The topics for the 2018 webinar:

  • The new index fund that will outperform all other index funds.
  • 2 industries poised for growth.
  • 1 opportunity that may generate 20x multiple return over 40 years, with the pros and cons of this opportunity.
  • Value and technical opportunities we see for 2018 and beyond.
  • Review and assessment of the 2017 opportunities.
  • Answers to attendees questions and more.

Reserve your spot for the webinar. Since the webinar is first come, first serve, we will use the time stamp on email to determine the cutoff. The cost for the webinar is $891. Once we close the enrollment, we will not admit others.

Enrollment is closed.

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