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Cost: varies, provided email is concise with one problem.

About Our Mentorship Program

If you have a specific question about a problem that you are facing, you can send us the question and we will reply with how we would proceed with your problem in our own life, which you may find helpful. This is not intended as advice of any kind, from psychological to financial advice, but only a discussion of how we would act in a given situation. You must meet the criteria that we list below and be willing to receive a possibly brutal response. We do not believe that growth is possible if a person cannot handle honesty.


We will only respond to concise life questions, such as “How to I improve my skills in …” or “How do I know if I’m saving enough money?” We also respond with an answer that reflects how we would approach the situation and you can use this to compare how you would. Our answer does not mean you are the same, but our answer is intended to help you compare notes and build your own guidelines in life. We will not answer specific questions like, “Should I buy a shovel?” or “Should I buy index funds?” other specific questions. If you feel that you are in a rut, or if you feel that you are not growing and you can concisely explain where you seem to be stuck in life, we may address this concern for a fee. If we do not respond to your email, then it means you failed to meet our criteria.

In general, one mentorship program we offer is how do I identify my problem.

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