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My Top Four Ways to Sell Your Stuff

Posted in Minimalism on April 19th, 2017

To minimize is to reduce but also to accumulate less – selling can be a big component of moving to a minimalist lifestyle. Besides getting rid of the many things you have, one must not replace those things to fill the void. The three R’s are pretty apt for minimalism – reduce, reuse, and recycle. One can add repurpose to the mix. But, I want to add resell as part of my Five R’s of Minimalism. I believe most of us in general tend to be hoarders and have attachments for many momentos. It becomes difficult even for me to give up many of the things that I own, even though I have not touched them for years. Especially my collection of books. I do not even have enough time to read and re-read my library of books, I have been lugging around 15 boxes of books every time I move. In my journey of minimalism, reselling has been a missing component.

To Have or Not to Have

There are many ways and methods to declutter your space. One can use the “KonMari” method of tidying up. Or you can follow the many books of organizing and decluttering sold in bookstores or Amazon. Most likely, there are many apps on the phone that can help as well. However, I feel that many tend to be indecisive on what to get rid of and what to keep. Whether it is “joy,” sentimentality, value, or usefulness, one has to figure out their own guidelines for keeping things or getting rid of things. But, when in doubt, I say sell it. Although you may not get back what you paid for, selling it puts money in your pocket.

Sell, Sell, Sell

I am listing these four avenues for selling your stuff. These are apps and websites that seem interesting to me, and it is not an endorsement. Please use your best judgement on what works for you. You can also use the traditional methods of selling your stuff: garage sale, newspaper ads, craigslist, eBay, and Amazon. We won’t be covering those here, because I feel they are cumbersome and many others provide information on those. There are many other apps available that I could have reviewed, but the choices I made are arbitrary and subjective.

  1. OfferUp app: I have actually sold a children’s bicycle recently on this app. It was an easy setup. Simple to use by taking a few photos, going through four steps, and it is ready to sell. The response times were actually pretty quick. I already had one offer within 15 minutes, and four offers within 4 hours. Although the offers tend to underbid, I did not feel the need to negotiate for a higher price. The direct messaging was very convenient as I don’t need to give out my phone number, and I had set up a meet time and place to make the sale the next day. Afterwards, I was able to send a mass message to other buyers that I had sold the item, listing the bike as sold. It only took me about a minute to close the listing after the exchange.
  2. website: I do not have any personal experience with this website, but my friend had some great success with selling her jewelry on this website. This website does not seem to have an app, but the website caters to high end luxury watches and jewelry. Instead of buying retail, one can purchase a special gift for yourself or significant other at a discount. But, the main purpose is to get rid of those expensive watches and jewelry that are collecting dust.
  3. Depop, Vinted, and Poshmark apps: These websites and apps seem to cater to people wanting to get rid of their clothes, shoes, and accessories. Vinted has more than 6,000 reviews with average above the 4 stars rating on the Apple App store. Poshmark has more than 17,000 reviews averaging above 4 stars. Depop has more than 2,000 reviews averaging above 4 stars. Any of these apps and many others seem to offer easy signup and listing. I have not seen the terms for shipping items to buyers. It would be interesting if they offered reduced shipping costs for items sold through the apps.
  4. 5miles and letgo apps: These apps look similar to the OfferUp app, where you can sell locally to others by posting your listing. Listing seems pretty easy, and there seems to be plenty of local sellers on both of these apps. I would assume it will depend upon the population density of where you live to have more buyers and sellers. I did notice that 5miles offer $3 for the first item to be listed on the app. 5miles have more than 9,000 reviews averaging above 4 stars. Letgo has more than 34,000 reviews averaging above 4 stars. I will eventually have to try these apps soon.

Whatever method you use to sell your stuff or declutter, the most important step is to start. Start with setting aside ten items you are going to sell. Start by doing one listing today. Start by taking a photo with your phone using one of the apps. Start by moving donations to your car to drop off. Just start. (Or think in your head the trademarked motto by Nike)

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