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After writing two of the most accurate financial blogs in the past two years, we’ve decided to reduce writing publicly about our financial expectations of the future, since we can trade them instead. We’ve unfortunately been the victims of piracy of our content, so we will no longer be offering certain content at cheap prices. This is how producers adjust to consumer behavior (we won’t be the only ones). If you actually respect your money (which is rare), you can be added the wait lists for the below newsletters – though you must meet any prerequisites before being added to the wait list if prerequisites exist. If you’re looking for something cheaper, we suggest you get in touch with us about a one-on-one question, as these are generally less than $100 per question.

WARNING: After we release our newsletters, if any piracy of our content is discovered, we will terminate all subscriptions immediately with no refunds. You make a choice to steal, so you have full control over whether you choose to pirate content or not. We will not release any newsletter until we have a certain number of subscribers, so if this threshold is never met, we’ll never release any content. Regardless, piracy or plagiarism of our content will result in the immediate termination of future newsletters for all that are listed below this.

Value Intelligence

This newsletter covers value trading in multiple markets from stocks to bonds to cryptos. We will release a maximum of three newsletters per year and the subscription is lifetime. Due to the age of piracy, we will not release newsletters until we meet a threshold of subscribers. You can contact about getting on the wait list by using the subject line of Value Intelligence Newsletter. If you would like to purchase a specific newsletter, if the newsletter is available the cost is a minimum of $1200 plus (piracy cost) plus a per-newsletter cost.

Subscription: $541 (lifetime)

  • (No Longer Available) VI1. We investigate an opportunity that takes a bit of principal, but may return 15,000% to 53,000% over a 33-40 year period of time. This could also pivot to a location-independent opportunity, relative to how one pivots.
  • ($1327) VI2. We investigate the petroleum market for the next decade and where opportunities may be found.

InfoSec Intersect

This newsletter covers advanced security techniques for those with digital money, or those who want to protect assets in the digital age. This is a very challenging newsletter to write and read, therefore we require that every subscriber must have completed the advanced security course before being added to the wait list. We will only release this newsletter once we reach a threshold of subscribers. We will release a maximum of three newsletters per year. You can contact about getting on the wait list by using the subject line of InfoSec Intersect Newsletter. You cannot buy a single copy of this newsletter.

Subscription: $694 (lifetime)

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