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Security and the Equifax Hack

Posted in Money on September 18th, 2017

The recent Equifax hack will cost consumers significant amounts when measured in time, money and waste. Consumers saw their private information stolen and these detailed pieces will come with costs, even if not immediate. Consumers have already jumped on incorrect solutions (no surprise) and worse may happen. A few months ago, students were cautioned to take certain actions in a limited time only video after the Cloudfare compromise. We caution about security, as it continues to be a re-occuring issue. While most people focus on returns, they fail to pay attention to the most important issue of all – security. A 100% return becomes a 0% return with poor security.

Uglier Truths

In a recent podcast, we discussed two ugly truths about this hack. None of us want to see hacks, but when people live in denial of reality, reality doesn’t cease to be true. This is like a farmer denying that insects will eat his crops and ignoring this truth. The farmer’s denial of truth doesn’t change the truth that insects eat crops, if given the chance. When insects come and consume his crops, he loses his investment. If he had accepted his reality, he could have prepared. The first step to changing one’s reality is to accept the truth of that reality, even if it makes them feel uncomfortable.

The Equifax hack mirrors this. Multiple videos have been removed from the internet with interviews featuring key people. First, why is this? Second, those videos revealed disturbing truths that few seemed to pay attention to at the time. Find videos of other key people at other companies. What about these videos? What are they in charge of? How many hacks have happened recently in the last year and how significant were these hacks?

You don’t need to be an expert to see a trend. Even after the early failures this year, we still see bigger hacks. Have consumers been safer due to their solutions? Have leaders helped improved the situation over the last decade, or even last five years? Your answers to these questions offer insight to the truth. What may be true that you don’t want to admit?

Security Special Protection Sheet

We will be releasing a Security Special Protection Sheet directly related to this hack. Provided that enough people express interest, we will release this in the last two weeks of December – you can contact us now about this and by the end of this week, we will determine if there’s enough interest. If enough interest exists, you will send a payment next week and the email address you send will receive the protection sheet. The cost of this Security Special Protection Sheet is $559. If there is not enough interest, we will not produce this.

For those with fewer funds, we have The Millionaire Guide To Digital Security. Provided that you take all the advice in the course – including the repetitive points – you will have strong security and better security than some people. However, if you fail to follow even one piece of the advice, you almost guarantee your failure in the end.

You were warned. And you’re being warned again. Most people only pay attention to their returns. Yet without strong security, those returns won’t exist.

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