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FinTekNeeks Weekly Recap – May 19, 2017

Posted in Money on May 19th, 2017

We want to share with you some articles and videos that we have come across in the last week or so that we think provide insight and we find helpful, along with some of our content for newer readers. To save you time, we summarize what the content covers.

Articles and Videos

An old video of Mickey and Minnie. Animation has come a long way, and Disney has become one of the premier movie studio. In spite of having to lay off a lot of people at ESPN, they still make a decent amount of profit. But, maybe they should focus more on family entertainment, not so much live sports.

Ray Dalio giving some thoughts on the market in his LinkedIn post. Ray has founded one of the largest hedge funds. You can read it here. Here is CNBC talking about Ray Dalio’s comments.

Notes from This Week

It seems tech and semiconductor industry is bouncing back from lackluster earnings. The $QQQ continue to go higher at all time highs. This has helped the S&P 500 remain flat for the third week in a row. Many people have been talking about how S&P 500 has not changed by more than 1% in the last several weeks. This is considered a record streak of low volatility in the index. This all changed on Wednesday, when there was a significant drop in most stocks by more than 1%. It did bounce back somewhat on Thursday. Things will get very interesting in the near future.

Surprising for me, $UCTT continues to go higher, except for the large drop on Wednesday. I had considered selling earlier last week, but it still did not hit my stop loss, so I have been keeping the stock. It is up about $3 per share since I discussed it last time. It bounced back and I hope it continues on. The recent drop is making me uneasy, and I am considering tightening my stop. This still doesn’t beat my all-time 50-bagger on a silver mining stock back in 2005.

Weekly Podcast

In this week’s upcoming podcast, we’ll be covering the following questions that have raised concerns:

  1. Is the US Dollar done?
  2. What record US debt levels mean for investors and how to trade this.
  3. Is the cryptosphere headed for an obvious disaster?

We’ll also be reviewing the content for the week with some additional bonus information.

Blast From the Past

Since we won’t see any healthcare changes in the future, what are the best ways to protect against rising healthcare costs? The sooner you read that and take action in your life, the better your life will be in the future. Make no mistake: most people will be in poverty due to poor financial choices related to healthcare.

Posts This Week on FinTekNeeks

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