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FinTekNeeks Weekly Recap – May 26, 2017

Posted in Money on May 26th, 2017

What do we think were the hottest topics of the week? What were the most interesting topics? What have you missed on FinTekNeeks in the past? Every Friday, we review some of the stories that we find interesting, which may or may not be related to finance. In addition, we feature some of our past content that you may have missed. Finally, we preview our podcast for the week. Always remember, the early bird gets the worm – not every podcast is available indefinitely.

Articles and Videos

Here is an academic paper about tiger shark vomit. Something I didn’t know was that tiger sharks were feeding off of birds. Also, there has been some curious cases of bird die-offs. Third, there is a thing called shark vomit.

One of bitcoin’s many “deaths” – the rise and fall of bitcoin. I will never stop linking this article because I laugh every time I see it and people actually pay money to read Wired. By contrast, we’ve been more accurate on both FinTekNeeks and Austin Playboys (no longer exists). The mainstream media provide worthless content, and journalists must write what people want to read. Considering Wired still exists, nonsense is what people want. By contrast, every trade on Austin Playboys was profitable, yet Austin Playboys no longer exists. There is no value in writing truth for free or a cheap price (to be fair, Wired’s subscription is very cheap – $10). Readers are as smart as sheep and goats.

Notes This Week

The finals for two sports are set in the US. NHL has the Pittsburgh Penguins versus Nashville Predators. NBA has Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers – same two teams of last year. I suspect this year will end differently compared to last year. It is going to be an exciting couple of weeks.

Interest in sports has collapsed in the last decade within the United States. While some of this may be changing demographics, some of my research shows that these sports misunderstand their audience or why people were watching sports back then. I’ve seen the same pattern with myself, as I liked sports in the past, but no longer care about it at all, or have any interest in seeing any of it.

Weekly Podcast

In this week’s upcoming podcast, we’ll be covering the following questions that have raised concerns:

  1. What local trades make sense right now?
  2. Are capital controls causing tokens to spike?  Or is it military conflict?  We investigate

We’ll also be reviewing the content for the week with some additional bonus information.

Blast From the Past

What are some of the positives to investing in category leaders? Using a few popular companies at the moment, this article looks at some of these companies and how well they’ve performed recently.

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Posts This Week on FinTekNeeks

How to trade the proposed budget cut.

What is Ambarella?

Are Voxels the future of virtual reality?

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