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FinTekNeeks Weekly Recap – June 2nd, 2017

Posted in Money on June 2nd, 2017

What do we think were the hottest topics of the week? What were the most interesting topics? What have you missed on FinTekNeeks in the past? Every Friday, we review some of the stories that we find interesting, which may or may not be related to finance. In addition, we feature some of our past content that you may have missed. Finally, we preview our podcast for the week. Always remember, the early bird gets the worm – not every podcast is available indefinitely.

Articles and Videos

Poor security cost $8,000. This is part of the reason why I called the course The Millionaire Guide To Digital Security. The millionaires of the future will be the people who actually apply security the best, not the ones with the strongest returns. A 10,000% return becomes a 0% return after a hack, and if a person doesn’t learn – like the author – it’s only a matter of time before it happens again.

Neither China nor Russia will report gold from this company on their balance sheet, but there will be plenty of gold. Russia is one of the richest countries with gold and has yet to tap several of its major mines. Russia continues to be one of the greatest value plays, and as China invests more capital, it strengthens their alliance.

While I will not highlight the news yet, had you read Austin Playboys (it’s no longer online) and FinTekNeeks, you would have known a key piece of information before anyone else that’s currently “shocking the experts.” We predicted this ahead of time and we suspect that no one listened, even though it caught many of these “experts” off guard. Winners read FinTekNeeks. I will write a special report on this reviewing my predictions (all true), what mainstream media are now admitting (they were very wrong), and what investors can do. Once again, I was two years ahead of the market and watching hedge funds capitulate to me again feels wonderful.

25 years ago, there was a phenomenon. He is from Texas. His name is Ross Perot. Take a look at the presidential debates where Mr. Perot who brings up debt issues.

Weekly Podcast

In podcast 13, we cover what commodity is currently misleading investors and what is offering a possible value play? Did the bitcoin community discover a top signal?  And what’s the best bitcoin play right now? Finally, we look at 2 dangerous security actions of most people in the cryptosphere and why these actions may result in a loss of everything. Podcast 14 will be a special on the coming disaster of Basic Income and How You Can Protect Yourself – it will be much more expensive than most podcasts.

Blast From the Past

In 4 destructive financial behaviors, I look at a few patterns that will always result in the loss of money. Money without character is fraud, so “retaining money” if it doesn’t represent character will eventually be worth nothing. Look no further than Brazil and Zimbabwe in the last century to see this in action. Money without character is fraud.

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