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FinTekNeeks Weekly Recap – June 9th, 2017

Posted in Money on June 9th, 2017

What do we think were the hottest topics of the week? What were the most interesting topics? What have you missed on FinTekNeeks in the past? Every Friday, we review some of the stories that we find interesting, which may or may not be related to finance. In addition, we feature some of our past content that you may have missed. Finally, we preview our podcast for the week. Always remember, the early bird gets the worm – not every podcast is available indefinitely.

Articles and Videos

Very cool idea that was crowdfunded and lives up to its hype.

China continues to accumulate real resources. In resource accumulation, China knows the time it lives in; in demographics, however, it does not. In the long run, demographics will have a bigger impact regardless of how many resources it accumulates.

Speaking of demographics, if the United States hadn’t wasted high school and college years weakening its youth, it would actually be one of the top countries to invest in since it has one of the best demographic profiles. However, US Millennials and iGens have spent their youth learning weakness, even if they come in great numbers.

Goldman Sachs sees the death of value investing. I don’t agree, but I highly respect their view here and I see why they come to this view. True value investors have changed form and this is what they miss. Still, their thoughts are A+.

Notes This Week

What a powerful vision and talk about building something that lasts. Embrace and pursue your vision.

Podcast Changes

We are about to release a podcast platform for podcasts to make it easy to subscribe to our podcasts. Expect this change to come in the next two weeks. The podcast platform will feature all podcasts and related yearly specials and will offer subscribers the best way to get access to the content. If this is popular, we will continue it in 2018; if not, we will terminate it. If piracy of content is discovered, we will terminate future podcasts and bonuses.

Blast From the Past

In 4 Financial Lessons From Alexander Suvorov we learned about finance from the context of history’s greatest general. Alexander Suvorov was never defeated in battle and was almost always the underdog. In addition to ending the Russian-Ottoman War, he also defeated Napoleon’s top commanders. In practices, his favorite virtues were discipline, courage, humility, and urgency. History has no other general equal to Suvorov.

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