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FinTekNeeks Weekly Recap – March 31, 2017

Posted in Money on March 31st, 2017

We want to share with you some articles and videos that we have come across in the last week or so that we think provide insight and we find helpful, along with some of our content for newer readers. To save you time, we summarize what the content covers.

Articles and Videos

“Tell me what I want to hear!” The Bitcoin echo chamber strikes again! For the record, Bill Gates did not say this at all about bitcoin.

Pension Problem Too Big To Ignore: Danielle Booth misidentifies a feature as a bug. The Federal Reserve knew they would cause pension defaults when they lowered interest rates to zero and this was part of their goal, as it creates another crisis where they get more power. Pensions will default, the Federal Reserve will get more emergency power, and they will use that power to create the next crisis, like they created this crisis from the emergency power they received in the housing bubble collapse. People always get what they deserve; if you incentivize corruption, you’ll only get more corruption.

Planet Money: The episode #650 “The Business Genius Behind Get Out” is actually a rebroadcast of an older episode, with some updates related to the blockbuster “Get Out.” Like trading, investing, or any other endeavors, we can learn lessons from this movie producer who makes “lower” budget films. By placing smaller bets on a bunch of movies (risk and money management – position sizing), one can hit some home runs, while not risking too much per movie. He also has a process and a system, which provides him better chances of success and avoids risk of ruin.

If bitcoin hard forks, are you prepared? If it doesn’t hard fork this time, are you prepared if the threat appears later? Most bitcoinaires never prepare for a possible conflict in bitcoin and they will take losses if they’re wrong. In the Millionaire Guide To Hedging Bitcoin Profits, we look at strategies to prepare for the worst with bitcoin.

Blast From the Past

Fred, Paul and Tim discuss the Ethereum, the DAO hack, and some questions from the cryptosphere.

Posts and Content This Week On FinTekNeeks

Plan and Prepare

Awwwww SNAP

Maybe Not A Pump and Dump

Economic Incentives and Why You’ll Never See A Cure For Cancer

Are Russian Stocks Cheap?

Hardware Wallets Decide Direction If Bitcoin Hard Forks

My View: Iconomi’s Recent Change

Winners Read FinTekNeeks

In addition, we had three bitcoin meetups this week in Dallas-Fort Worth area. If there’s not a bitcoin meetup in your area, start one. If you’d like to hear some highlights of what was discussed this week, check out our podcasts for the sixth episode.

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