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FinTekNeeks Weekly Recap – April 14, 2017

Posted in Money on April 14th, 2017

We want to share with you some articles and videos that we have come across in the last week or so that we think provide insight and we find helpful, along with some of our content for newer readers. To save you time, we summarize what the content covers.

Articles and Videos

“It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it.” – Benjamin Franklin

Recent news of the United Airlines debacle of forced removal reminded me of several trends that is occurring in the United States. The trend of poor customer service. People complain of bad customer service, but a lot of times, with few recourse. Especially when I compare US based airlines versus foreign airlines. Fortunately, with the age of smartphones and social media, bad behavior can be exposed to society, which may lead to some sort of justice. It also points out that some bad information comes out in the initial turmoil, thus prudent judgement should be reserved until all facts come out. Like the plane was not overbooked. Here is another article that the forced removal might have been illegal.

Ray Dalio on Charlie Rose

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Notes This Week

There used to be a ton of deals in Las Vegas. Now, there are too many overpriced celebrity chef restaurants with mediocre service. One good deal that I’ve found is In-N-Out, located in the promenade between The Linq and the Flamingo hotels. For a double patty burger, $4.35. For a 4×4 burger, $6.35. Very cheap, considering most restaurants on the Strip offer $15 burgers. You can also order the burger “protein style,” for those who are carb-conscious. Crazy busy, but well worth it. Now I am still looking for that “99 cent shrimp cocktail” I keep hearing about.

Blast From the Past

3 personal financial lessons from Fight Club taught a lot of financial truth behind the scenes. Be glad you read it early!

Posts This Week on FinTekNeeks

Is it time to buy Russia?

Sounds of Twitter fading.

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