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FinTekNeeks Weekly Recap – April 21, 2017

Posted in Money on April 21st, 2017

We want to share with you some articles and videos that we have come across in the last week or so that we think provide insight and we find helpful, along with some of our content for newer readers. To save you time, we summarize what the content covers.

Articles and Videos

“It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it.” – Benjamin Franklin

I am repeating the above quote from Benjamin Franklin. It seems pertinent this week, as it was last week. This time, it is Bill O’Reilly who came under fire and is fired from Fox News Network yesterday. Accusations of sexual harassment is not new for Bill O’Reilly. This is in light of last year’s scandal involving Roger Ailes. Years ago in 2004, Andrea Mackris filed a lawsuit for sexual harassment of $60 million. It was settled out of court for $9 million. Many probably forgave his supposed misdeeds and he was able to continue on his career for another decade. He may have lost a couple advertising sponsors then, but this week, the show lost more than half of the advertising sponsors after new findings revealed there were five more victims that were settled and not made public. If it weren’t for the New York Times article, he probably would have continued on to host his show. It is up to him now to continue on with his “misdeeds” or not.

Very interesting experiment at Reddit regarding /r/place. Check out the picture there. By the way, congrats to Serena and Alex on their expecting baby!

A new messaging application, Token, has been announced by Brian Armstrong (of Coinbase) that I think will add a lot of value, given similar apps in other parts of the world. The application is built on Ethereum and will make a great way to exchange value through messages, which has numerous applications.

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Notes This Week

It is a bit worrisome that people will overlook “misdeeds” if the person is performing well or is making a lot of money. Unless these misdeeds are exposed, it seems these “misdeeds” will continue. Without Susan J. Fowler’s blog and medium article, “misdeeds” at Uber would probably been a corporate secret still.

People in general that once hated Michael Vick for being convicted of organizing illegal dog-fighting and being cruel to dogs, later gave praise to him for playing so well as the quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles, after getting out of prison. He was even given an award for NFL Comeback Player of the Year Award in 2010 and selected for the 2010 Pro Bowl. Either people have really short term memories, or people love giving others second chances.

Ethics and values are taught in our homes, schools, and even corporate mandatory training and manuals. However, in the real world, these are not a priority. Even at times, I am guilty of this.

Blast From the Past

A few reasons why I am holding on to bitcoin. Sometimes, you may find that a token will hold its value better than alternative and there’s no rush to sell something if you don’t have better opportunities.

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