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FinTekNeeks Weekly Recap – May 5, 2017

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We want to share with you some articles and videos that we have come across in the last week or so that we think provide insight and we find helpful, along with some of our content for newer readers. To save you time, we summarize what the content covers.

Articles and Videos

The Sia team tries to calm rationality by presenting a few ideas. I welcome these proposals and I applaud the team for thinking about this. I can say with strong certainty that this will unfortunately not have a big impact. A few people in the world like to believe that if people had access to the right information, they would do the right thing. This assumes people are motivated by knowledge, which is not true for most people. People follow to their dopamine receptors and unless they’ve learned the hard way (pain), they will listen to their dopamine receptors over everything. The only recourse for the effects of dopamine is significant pain. For proof on this site of this, see our posts on Zcash, Synereo, and SteemIt while considering that we were right on the money and provided this information for free, yet no one cared. The people who lost enough money (very painful) now don’t listen to their dopamine receptors as much. Pain is a great teacher – you learn what not to do.

I’ve studied this behavior with humans for years and it’s not something information will undo. Someday, you will all realize that pain carries value because pain is a wise teacher. Pain precedes discipline which precedes wealth; you will never have discipline without pain. That’s reality. A society that removes pain will remove wealth and the Soviet Union is a great lesson in this.

The Federal Reserve held rates steady this week, if you think this matters anymore. Analysts think there can be rate raises in June, September, and possibly December. If you’re a Russian investor in both currency and stocks, this is irrelevant as Russian interest rates are still high and stocks are cheap. I actually don’t know why anyone cares what the Fed does anymore.

Digix nears a resolution with Ether Classic and LBRY’s update to their platform makes surfing it easy. Improvements take time and building something well takes work; Digix and LBRY are both slower projects because they’re large visions. Still, there are some resolutions in both projects that have been past pain points. In the case of Ether Classic, I don’t agree with Digix, but I respect what they’re doing.

Here is a Ted Talk video about Systems Thinking by making toast.

Weekly Podcast

In this week’s podcast, we discuss a powerful bank and discuss whether it is behind some of what we’re seeing across some markets. From cautions to opportunities, this will be something to watch going forward. We also expand on some of our posts this week with key information you won’t want to miss. Finally we wrap up our podcast with thoughts, trade expectations, and overall views of Litecoin.

Blast From the Past

Should I Use ETFs or Mutual Funds? I present many reasons why I absolutely hate ETFs. Also, I credit index fund investing with the destructive of actual solutions in business; most investors in today’s world only care about getting rich, not being an actual shareholder of a company who votes on what the company does. Index funds and ETFs have done more damage to economies than anything else in finance within the last two decades.

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