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What Are You Trading Video?

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At the end of July, I will be releasing a video with a trade I’ve been making this year and how I’ve been playing it. This video covers the tools I use, how I assess the trade’s value at each point, and the steps I take to trade this opportunity – and in my view, this is one of the biggest opportunities this year, in addition to offering a good overview of value trading.


For high net worth readers, this will be the only opportunity this year to see a live trade, outside of our investment outlook webinar earlier this year. As you know – since you’re high net worth – the cryptosphere gains won’t hold over the long run and people who are getting a taste of these 1000% gains are being misled into thinking they’re good traders, when they’re not; they’re just getting lucky and this will soon change.

Cost: $15,000

To sign up, contact us at both email addresses and we’ll send the payment information. You have until June 9th to pay. In the final week of July, I will send the video to the people who’ve signed up.

Let me repeat:

  1. This is exclusively for high net worth readers ($5 million or more)
  2. This is only what I am trading and what my theories are in relation to this trade
  3. The video covers how I’m trading this instrument
  4. This is not a crypto-token, most of which are all in unsustainable bubbles
  5. This provides a behind-the-scenes-look at value and contrarian trading

If you’re a low net worth reader, I suggest that you sign up for the annual investment outlook webinar, as this is most appropriate for people with a net worth under $5 million. We only allow so many people to attend, so the early bird in signing up gets the worm.

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